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These are my friends! If you are my friend and you aren't on here........ask the aardvark and he'll tell you why! Either that or e-mail me at yelling at me for forgetting! Sorry my memory is about as good as 1 year old cheese.

This is Aardvark
He likes cheese, wooden socks, and purple trees amoung other things. He lives in your front yard....

My eye
myeye.jpg eye is one of my best's always there for me..and it helps me see the light....

This is Fat Fish!
Fat fish lives in the pond under my toilet. He is fat and has huge eyes......WATCH OUT FOR HIM!!!!

This is me and Brooke!
Brooke is a sweetheart! I have so much fun talking to her and we need to go shopping for candy bars!

This is Big Bird! Or at least what is left of him!
I will miss my good friend Big bird forever! But mmm.....he sure was yummy!

This is Nikkers and her fork
nikkifork.jpg of my craziest crazy cool friends! She is hilarious and I love her.

This is Super Hot Dog
He is my mother's cousin's aunt's best friend's son. He flies all around the world protecting ALL!!!


The Jones Girls
They are the sweetest and are most excellent!!!

The is Joseph Robert AkA Jo-Bob
He is so cool! Did you see his smile! He lives in the cave behind my house and eats mosquitoes!

Jocelyn is so cool! Redheads gotta stick together :D She's been my friend since the eighth grade
Meagan has been my friend for quite a while, she is soooo smart and she is TINY! Lol, she knows everything about Harry Potter! Oh and I kilt that tree made out of Oliver wood, 'cause Harry and Hermoine had scratched their initials into it!
Gretchen K. really just became my friend this year and already I feel like we are sisters.  There are lots of things we disagree on, but we still are great friends and have so much fun together, besides she knows my family better than anyone else, except for maybe the people in my family! lol
Jessica is HILARIOUS. She may come off as quiet but once you get to know the real her you will never stop laughing. And she has perfect hair, lol, Very cool.
I met Angel in 6th grade and then I didn't see her again until last year! She has changed SOO much since 6th grade but she is great, and definately her own person!
Trevor is a genius, and it was great eating lunch with him. It wouldn't have been the same without his Harry Potter comments. He is totally cool!
Vickie (or Vicky, sorry girl) is so nice! Some day she'll be a famous astronomer...:P hehe,Until then, I have had so much fun in Astronomy club with her!
Danny B is great! He is funny and he is another one who knows our family really well! He is like a brother, always around. Very cool personality, and great hair!
Collin S. is a sweetheart! He is so nice to everyone and had the funniest ideas! I'm so glad I got to meet him and get to know him better in Seminary this year!
Quince is very funny. Definately doesn't have a self esteem problem...but that is a good thing! Seminary would NOT have been the same without him!
Bethany is great! Very helpful and she got me a job! Woohoo!
Erica is also great! Lol, her and Bethany must be joined at the hip or something. I luv ya!
Megan is sweet! And she is a GREAT dancer! I've had so much fun hanging out with her in Young Womens. I miss her now that she moved to Arizona.
Brittney you are great! Even though she doesn't understand my craziness all the time, she does most of the time and it's awesome! Have a great time in Washington
Sabrina is cool! I have so much fun talking to her! And I always enjoy answering her questions about mormons! It makes me think for a change! :)
Kat gave me my nickname, Hot Dog Jo! It's awesome! She is SOOO much fun to talk to!
Andrea is the greatest manager of all time! I love her list of pet peeves and she always has something interesting to say! I should go to the zoo with her sometime!
Andrew aka An-D aka Orli Reddenbaucher aka Mr.Hedges is awesome. He writes great notes and is a good actor.  Even though he always laughs at me, and pokes me, and makes fun of my bracelets.......
Zach is so funny! When I first met him I thought he was all serious...boy was I wrong...
Bryan (Sp? sorry) is An-D's brother. He's awesome too!  He laughs at me too....must run in the family.
Alex B. is really cool. He is an awesome singer and piano player. He is so much fun to be around.
Byron is cool beans.  He's also well behaved and funny!
Jonathon B. is really nice, and he's in Madrigals too! Madrigals rock!
Brent is hilarious, and a great dancer..... :)
Hannah is kinda' quiet sometimes, but once you get to know her she is so much fun to talk to....
Sara is a sweetie and I LOVE her hair. She is so much fun in Young Womens.
Breanna and Kjirsten are great! They are a great addition to Young Womens, they are funny :)
Zak is my brother and my best friend. I couldn't ask for a better brother...
Melissa, oh Melissa, I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT YOU! Please forgive me! I don't know how you slipped my mind, I mean, you're even in my English essay! You rock my world! Thanks for always being a friend!
Kyle is the neatest mexican I know... Yes, He is super nice, and super funny, and he can whistle with..ummm... well it's hard to explain, but it's really cool..

I hate you...and your pants!!!!